Even Amundsen
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Even Amundsen

Oslo, Norway

Even Amundsen

I like to play. That is the best reason I know for drawing anything at all; to play. I've been quite serious about it since I was shouting at the other kids for not playing properly as we ran around in kindergarten, and nothing much has changed since then, except the tools have become fancier and the rules have become a lot more intricate.

I play by making worlds, and stories, and characters and things, and my toys are pens and stylus, procreate and imagination. My game consists of weaving worlds that work, like our own, but different, and letting the characters and creatures make magic by bringing the world to life, making little stories of their own. It is the most fun I know how to have, and I would love to share it if you want to play along.


  • Concept Art: Character Design & Worldbuilding

    Explore color, texture, lighting, and layers to create memorable protagonists that tell a story with every detail

    A course by Even Amundsen, Illustrator, Character Artist, and Content Creator

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