Sound Design and Post-Production for Video and Animation

A course by Aimar Molero, Sound designer

  • 98% Positive reviews (55)
  • 1386
  • 6h 42m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
AR$ 399
76% Disc. AR$ 1.690
  • 98% Positive reviews (55)
  • 1386
  • 6h 42m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Sound Design and Post-Production for Video and Animation. A Technolog course by Aimar Molero

Sound Design and Post-Production for Video and Animation

A course by Aimar Molero

76% Disc. AR$ 1.690
AR$ 399

Learn to add sound, post-produce and master with Logic Pro X and other software

In this course by Aimar Molero, expert in Sound Design, you will learn to sound a video or animation with Logic Pro X. However, many of the solutions that Aimar proposes to solve the most common problems when adding sound and music to a piece, will be applicable to other software such as GarageBand or Adobe Premiere.

The objective of the course is to provide all kinds of professionals in the audiovisual world (animators, motion graphers, filmmakers, etc.) with useful resources and independence with respect to the figure of the "sound guy" when carrying out different projects. The result will be, not simply the correct synchrony between image and sound, but the transmission of emotions that complete and give realism what is represented in the image.

What's included in this course?

You will begin knowing better the work and the influences of Aimar Molero. Next, you will learn some basic notions about sound and music and you will know their special vision about the union between image and audio.

Then you will define the visual piece for your project, you will know how to get the sounds, clean them, name them and organize them. In addition, Aimar Molero will teach you how to solve common problems such as: fix silences and noises, drawbacks with the stereo channel, techniques to follow the rhythm correctly or correct dissonant notes.

Finally, you will learn to masterize and export your piece to achieve a perfect result.

What is this course project about?

The final project will be to sound a piece of Animation that you have made, a friend or some of the examples that will be provided in the course using the tools that are explained throughout the lessons.

Who is it for?

To any audiovisual or Motion Graphics professional who feels a bit lost when they talk to him about audio or wants to have more independence in his work. Also to people who want to start with the world of sound or those who are curious to know a different work methodology within Sound Design.


No prior knowledge of sound or Logic Pro X is required, however, if you have already worked with a digital audio station or DAW and are familiar with basic sound and music concepts, they will help you to complete the course.

From the point of view of the materials, to complete this course you will need a computer with any program that allows you to put different tracks, move and edit the audio regions and add effects.

In addition, speakers other than the laptop or headphones will be necessary. The project and the lessons will be done in Logic Pro X but you can use GarageBand (which is very similar to Logic and free) or even a video editing program if you meet what was mentioned above as Adobe Premiere. Some annexes will be provided to guide the work in other platforms.

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76% Disc. AR$ 1.690

Aimar Molero

Aimar Molero TeacherPro

Sound designer

Aimar Molero, was born in Barcelona although he spent his childhood and adolescence in a very small town of Burgos. There he started making music and since then he has been constantly entangled in the world of audio. Luckily, Sound Design, the discipline in which he has specialized, has fascinated him and has had the good fortune to work with people from all over the world such as Coca-Cola, Orange, TEDx, PlayStation, Discovery Channel or FAD . However, in his opinion, personal projects are those that have enriched him most and defined him as a professional.

Studied Sound 3 years, Harmony and learned to play different instruments but, he admits, is a bad interpreter with all of them. He also studied 4 courses of Pro Tools, a program with which he has developed a very deep relationship of love hate during the last 8 years. A few months ago he cut with this program and since then he works with Logic Pro X.

55 ratings / 98% positive ratings