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Furniture and Object Design for Beginners

A course by Juan Pablo Fuentes , Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer. Tulsa, Chile.
Joined July 2018

Learn to design a set of furniture and objects from the concept to the model

Best seller
96% positive reviews (334)
10680 students
  • Audio: Spanish
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  • Learn to design a set of furniture and objects from the concept to the model

    Designing a piece of furniture without knowing how to draw is possible. Industrial designer Juan Pablo Fuentes shows you how you can do just that by following a dynamic and simple process. With over 20 years' experience manufacturing furniture, he's fine-tuned how to take designs from concept to model to later be manufactured in real size.

    In this introductory online course for furniture and object design, learn the basics of industrial design and create the concept, sketch, plan, and model of a small set of furniture and objects step by step.

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    What will you learn in this online course?

    13 lessons & 22 downloads

    • 96% positive reviews (334)
    • 10680 students
    • 13 lessons (2h 25m)
    • 22 additional resources (3 files)
    • Online and at your own pace
    • Available on the app
    • Audio: Spanish
    • Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch
    • Level: Beginner
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    What is this course's project?

    Design a mini set of three or four pieces of furniture, using Domestika's spirit, brand, and logo as a concept.

    Projects by course students

    Who is this online course for?

    Anyone interested in designing and developing models for furniture and objects to manufacture them with a third party or by themselves

    Requirements and materials

    No prior knowledge of industrial design is required to take this course.

    You need a computer, a printer, card stock, sheets of paper, pencils, rulers, a tape measure, adhesive, scissors, and, for the final stage, materials to make models for your designs.


    10680 Students
    334 Reviews
    96% Positive ratings

    Juan Pablo Fuentes

    A course by Juan Pablo Fuentes

    Teacher Plus
    Industrial Designer

    Juan Pablo Fuentes is an industrial designer from Diego Portales University, Santiago de Chile. Founder of the FUENTES+ASOCIADOS brand in 1997, he's developed projects for clients such as: WOOL, CODELCO, MIDEPLAN Government of Chile, COINTER Chile and Spain, VESTO de Arauco, among others.

    In 2008, he founded CÓMODO, a pioneering design store focused on the production, manufacturing, and marketing of Chilean designs. He currently collaborates on the editorial project Nuevos Creativos Chilenos, which focuses on showcasing the best talent of the last ten years of design in different specialties; Products (2015), Clothing (2017) and Graphic Design (2019). In 2017, he founded END—Espacio Nacional de Diseño—the first design gallery in Chile, a space to promote, share, and market limited design pieces and design series.

    Within the academic field, he is a professor at various Chilean universities, and between 2010 and 2014, he was Director of the School of Design at the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA). He has participated in exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and seminars in Chile and abroad (Argentina, Colombia, Spain, England, Italy, and Peru). What's more, he was involved in developing the radio program on Chilean design called Design for All.

    Among his most important awards are the Avonni Award for Kitchen Design (2017), the Innovation in Design Award from the Ministry of Culture (2016), the Designer of the Year Award from ED magazine (2012), and the Fondart Book Contest Prize for Nuevos Creativos Chilenos (2015-2017).


    • U1


      • Who I am?
      • My influences!
    • U2

      Introduction to design

      • What is the industrial design?
      • What is a concept?
      • From concept to collection, one step!
      • To look for references! Let's investigate the market?
    • U3

      Design has been said!

      • What will we design? Unit or collection?
      • Moodboard: development
      • Moodboard: reading and decisions
      • We can all draw ... believe me!
      • We already have our design ... What an illusion!
    • U4

      Two, three dimensions!

      • Do we develop the reading and presentation plans?
      • Let's give volume to our design! A model, the best solution
    • FP

      Final project

      • Design of furniture and objects for beginners

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    Furniture and Object Design for Beginners. Design course by Juan Pablo Fuentes Best seller

    Furniture and Object Design for Beginners

    A course by Juan Pablo Fuentes
    Industrial Designer. Tulsa, Chile.
    Joined July 2018
    • 96% positive reviews (334)
    • 10680 students