Illustrated Pattern Design

Illustrated Pattern Design

A course by Ana Sanfelippo, Illustrator and graphic designer

  • 100% Positive reviews (2)
  • 259
  • 4h 38m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
US$ 19.90
REBAJAS 56% Disc. US$ 44.90
  • 100% Positive reviews (2)
  • 259
  • 4h 38m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Illustrated Pattern Design. A Illustration course by Ana Sanfelippo

Illustrated Pattern Design

A course by Ana Sanfelippo

REBAJAS 56% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 19.90

Learn to tell stories using your own hand-drawn patterns and put them on different bases

The illustrated patterns go beyond shapes and colors; They can tell stories or even stories. The illustrator and designer Ana Sanfelippo captures in her compositions curious characters and vibrant colors that live in dynamic spaces full of nature. Today, their patterns illustrated are applied to different customer products such as BigBox, La Maraña, Amazónica, and Papelirea.

In this course Ana Sanfelippo, illustrator and graphic designer, will teach you how to project a collection of patterns, simple and complex, on different types of media.

About this course

You will begin by knowing Ana, who will tell you about her beginnings and how the patterns were for her the ideal point of contact between her two passions: illustration and design.

He will share some of his influences and explain the course project: a collection of patterns from a classic story to apply to different digital printing media.

You will shape the idea, identifying what you need to illustrate (characters, main and secondary objects ...) to translate a story into a pattern. You will start with the collection of references as images or forms that you like. You will see the necessary materials, as well as their characteristics.

It's time to draw! You will sketch the elements inaccurately until you find the desired shape for the pattern and give them color with gouaches : first covering the full plenary and then defining the shapes with lines and some graphics .

Ana will teach you how to pass analog illustrations to the digital world, leaving them ready to build patterns in Adobe Photoshop. It will show you some basic settings.

You will see what a rapport as a repeating unit with which you will build infinite images. Ana will help you think about the collection from coordinates, distinguishing constants and variables that will build the system, and will share tricks with which to provide levels of reading and cohesion.

Finally, you will see how to properly apply the patterns to different pieces, both mockups and files for printing.

What is this course's project?

You will create a collection of patterns from a classic story, to apply on different digital printing media.

Who is it for?

To illustrators, graphic designers, and anyone who wants to multiply their designs and images to infinity.

What you need

It is recommended to have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Of materials, you will need a computer with this software installed, a scanner and drawing and painting materials: pencil, rubber, gouaches , brushes and different types of paper.

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REBAJAS 56% Disc. US$ 44.90

Ana Sanfelippo

Ana Sanfelippo TeacherPro

Illustrator and graphic designer

Ana Sanfelippo is an Argentine illustrator and graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Then she went from student to teacher at the same university, where she spent 14 years in the subjects of Illustration and Typography.

Ana specializes in children's illustration, her fields of greatest action are books and pattern design for products. Collaborate for brands where the illustration applied to the product is the protagonist, such as Birchbox, La Maraña, Amazónica and Papelirea.

He started just over 10 years ago, inserting himself in the professional field of editorial illustration, where for the first time he had contact with the patterns creating the book guards. Since then, pattern design is for her the ideal point of contact between her two passions: illustration and design.

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