Basic Principles of Typographic Design

Basic Principles of Typographic Design

A course by Latinotype, Typographic designers

  • 100% Positive reviews (20)
  • 379
  • 3h 2m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
US$ 9.90
78% Disc. US$ 44.90
  • 100% Positive reviews (20)
  • 379
  • 3h 2m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Basic Principles of Typographic Design. A Calligraph, , T, and pograph course by Latinotype

Basic Principles of Typographic Design

A course by Latinotype

78% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 9.90

Learn to create your own modular alphabet with Adobe Illustrator

More than half a century after the invention of modern printing, typography design continues to be one of the most challenging and exciting challenges a designer can face. The readability, spacing and stylistic coherence of each of the characters make each alphabet communicate in a way through its forms, something in which they work with love and passion Daniel Hernández and Luciano Vergara, founders of Latinotype, the first printing smelter From Chile. They have specialized in typography design for retail and made to measure and have clients such as Starbucks, Royal Caribbean International, Movistar or Converse, among many others. In addition, their fonts inspired by the Latin American imaginary can be found online in catalogs such as MyFonts, FontShop or

In this course you will learn the basic principles of typographic design so that you can design a modular alphabet in Adobe Illustrator. You will discover all the considerations to take into account when understanding, systematizing, recognizing and differentiating the characteristics of an alphabet and all its characters.

What's included in this course?

You will start knowing the work and influences of Latinotype. Daniel and Luciano will talk about the term typography and why it is important to continue designing it.

You will learn other basic concepts of typography, starting with the anatomy of the Latin alphabet and then enter concepts such as stylistic coherence, rhythm, shape, space, optical corrections and visual compensations.

You will learn the Daniel and Luciano character systematization method, perfect to build an alphabet efficiently. From some specific characters you will get the base to easily build your modular alphabet.

You'll start by designing a lowercase alphabet, then you'll shape the capitals and end with the numbers.

Finally, you will learn to design your own typographic specimen, to show your modular alphabet to the world. You will make a composition of words applying hierarchy, color and visual elements to generate a design that will reinforce the characteristics of your typography.

What is this course project?

You will create an alphabet that will include the 26 minuscule and uppercase characters of the Latin alphabet and apply it to a typographic specimen that will reinforce the concepts of the alphabet with design and color.

Who is it aimed at?

To typographers, designers, professionals or students of advertising and anyone interested in typographic design.


Basic knowledge of design and Adobe Illustrator is necessary.

You will also need a computer with Adobe Illustrator installed.

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78% Disc. US$ 44.90


Latinotype TeacherPro

Typographic designers

Latinotype, founded by Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández, is the first typesetting foundry in Chile. Founded in 2011, today has a team of design, management and marketing team formed by professionals from different parts of the world, in addition to a score of national and international partners. With more than 8 years of experience, today they are leaders in the retail market, developing projects used by major brands worldwide.

You can find his work in international publications such as Yearbook of Type, from Germany; Character Latino, of Spain; Design magazine UC or Slanted magazine, among others. In addition, they have given workshops and talks in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay.

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