Packaging Design: Experience of Unboxing Products Sent by Post

A course by Tatabi Studio, Design studio specialized in branding and packaging

  • 100% Positive reviews (235)
  • 3878
  • 3h 40m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
US$ 14.90
2AS REBAJAS 67% Disc. US$ 44.90
  • 100% Positive reviews (235)
  • 3878
  • 3h 40m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Packaging Design: Experience of Unboxing Products Sent by Post. A Design course by Tatabi Studio

Packaging Design: Experience of Unboxing Products Sent by Post

A course by Tatabi Studio

2AS REBAJAS 67% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 14.90

Create innovative, resistant and memorable packaging

In this course, the team of Tatabi Studio, an agency of Creativity and Marketing specialized in Branding, will teach you all the keys to create an innovative packaging that will turn the experience of opening a box into an unforgettable moment.

You will discover the materials and design tips necessary to create an innovative packaging that perfectly protects the product that it carries inside.

This course is the perfect complement to "Visual identity handmade" , the previous installment of Tatabi Studio for Domestika , which explains how to create paper and packaging for a brand by hand.

What's included in this course?

You will start by getting to know Elena Sancho, creative director of Tatabi Studio. Together with her, you will discover how the studio has evolved over the years and the type of projects they carry out. In turn, you will know some of your favorite references such as websites, books and specialized magazines.

Next, Lidia and María (graphic designers), will tell you about the creative process of Tatabi whose first phase is the search for inspiration. For this you will select some ideas on websites, blogs and magazines and you will create 3 different proposals.

Next, you will know 6 previous questions that you will have to solve before starting to think about the type of "unboxing" experience that you want to create (what are the values of your brand, what are the characteristics of the object that you are going to send or with how much budget do you have, among others) and you will analyze 10 examples of packagings of products purchased online with Elena and Fau (graphic designer).

Later, Nere (graphic designer) will teach you different materials to start defining your project, Teresa (industrial designer) will explain what you have to take into account when sending special products such as food and fragile items and Lidia will show you some details that You can add to give a creative touch to your final packaging.

At this point, María will teach you how to design your own packaging and a brochure that will accompany you with the InDesign program. Afterwards, Elena will teach you step by step to elaborate the final art and, once the materials are sent to the printer, you will see how to assemble the packaging elements ready to be sent.

What is this course project about?

You will design a packaging that is true to the values of a brand, making its opening a memorable experience for the client who receives it.

Who is it aimed at?

To creatives in general interested in selling their creations taking care of all the details and designers who want to learn to create packagings in a different way.


No prior knowledge is required to complete this course.

Regarding the materials to create the design of your packaging you will need to have a computer, internet connection and the InDesign program or any similar design software.

The materials to produce the final packaging will depend on the design you have selected.

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2AS REBAJAS 67% Disc. US$ 44.90

Tatabi Studio

Tatabi Studio TeacherPro

Design studio specialized in branding and packaging

Tatabi Studio is a creativity and marketing agency located in Valencia that creates concepts and creative solutions for food, fashion and health brands.

Its goal is to help brands come to market and sell their products creatively and effectively.

Among its clients are Carrefour, TED Talks, Le Brass, Omba, Adobe, Diz-Diz, Panaria, Tatun Lifestyle, Tea Avenue, CO-CO, Attariat, Mamukko, Full Languages, Enkaja or Muyum, among others, for which They have done all kinds of design projects, art direction, web design, illustration, video, motion graphics, branding, packaging and photography.

235 ratings / 100% positive ratings