What Is Japandi Style in Interior Design?

Learn about this minimalist interior design trend mixing Scandinavian and Japanese styles

Also known as Japanordic or Scandenese, this aesthetic mixes Scandinavian coziness and traditional Japanese elegance. Japan and Scandinavia are on opposite sides of the world but have a lot in common in the simplicity of décor and understated style.

The notions of ‘hygge’ (the Scandi homely feeling of coziness) and 'wabi-sabi' (the Japanese quest for finding beauty in imperfection) are a perfect foundation on which to build calm and stress-free living spaces.

What Is Japandi Style in Interior Design? 1
Japandi style interior

The hybrid style has become a trendy option for minimalism lovers in recent years. The best features of both aesthetics are put together to create a clean, calm, clutter-free, and inviting home environment characterized by essential, functional elements, with few statement objects that bring the look together with sophisticated simplicity.

The combination of the two styles is a match made in decor heaven, as they complement each other perfectly. The warm, country-like taste of nordic furnishings complements the sleek lines of Japanese design, and the richer Japanese color palette elevates the somewhat aseptic feel of Scandinavian neutral interiors.

Read on to find the specific features to add to an interior to achieve this appealing style.

What Is Japandi Style in Interior Design? 3
Japandi style interior

Choice of furniture

Select practical pieces with clean lines, choosing from a mixture of the two styles. The simplicity of Scandinavian light timber and the more refined, stained, or painted wood of Japanese pieces create a harmonious contrast. Juxtaposing elements with both straight and curved lines and choosing different wood tones adds to the room's appeal. Light oak is one of the woods of choice. Opt for quality of materials and craftsmanship, and low-height pieces with clean lines.

Color scheme

The two aesthetics bring their distinctive shades into the mix. Their contrast helps to forge visually attractive interiors. Light and neutral Scandi hues marry well with rich Japanese style tones: light, natural wood, and timid suggestions of pastel colors on one side, stained woods with flashes of red and black on the other.

What Is Japandi Style in Interior Design? 5
Japandi style interior


Natural materials, fabrics, and textures are the perfect choice when choosing furniture, tableware, and interiors as they accentuate the spaces' understated, harmonious elegance. Favor local, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials (such as bamboo).

What Is Japandi Style in Interior Design? 7
Japandi style interior


While unnecessary decor has no place in the Japandi style home, a few statement pieces, placed with intention, often functional and utilitarian, will add vibrancy to the graceful, tasteful ambiance: Japanese screens and vases, soft, warm, high-quality Nordic-wool throws and blankets, plush rugs… Elegant indoor plants, such as bonsai, will also bring a natural and tasteful touch to your interior. In true Japandi style, you should also keep these to a minimum.

What Is Japandi Style in Interior Design? 9
Japandi style interior

If you are interested in learning more about interior design, including the simple, elegant, and timeless style of Japandi, be inspired by one of Domestika’s Online Architecture & Spaces courses.

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