7 Free Tutorials with DIY ideas to easily repair your clothes

Give your garments a second chance and learn new craft techniques with the experts

More and more people are getting interested in creative movements such as upcycling to give useful but used objects a new life. You too can save money while expressing yourself creatively, and upgrading your clothes. With your crafty work, you’ll also gain a unique wardrobe that truly reflects your personality.

Next, experts in DIY give you useful tips in 7 tutorials that will embellish your clothes. If you want to read the full instructions for each tutorial, just click on its red title.

Upcycling Tutorial: 5 Hacks to Transform your Clothes

Crochet designer and author Emma Friedlander-Collins, also known as Steel and Stitch (@steelandstitch) specializes in upcycling and remaking objects. Here, she shares a few simple ways we can extend the life of our wardrobe by using simple techniques to create pieces that are original and full of personality.

Embroidery Tutorial: How to Create an Appliqué

The embroidery for appliqués process will give your pieces more and new uses by making it possible to transfer them to all kinds of surfaces and clothes. Ana María Restrepo (@anamaria_10), the brains behind the textile design brand Amarpo, shares her techniques and advice on opening up the possibilities for your embroidery pieces.

Embroidery Tutorial: How to Embroider Simple Flowers

Loly Ghirardi AKA Señorita Lylo (@srtalylo) managed to unite her two passions years ago: graphic design and embroidery. In this tutorial you’ll learn a basic stitch to embroider flowers that will look great in a tshirt or even a pair of jeans. You can also download the flowers pattern by clicking on the link above.

Fashion Design Tutorial: Tips to Customize Your Sneakers

Sneakers can be an ideal canvas on which to express your creativity. However, working on fabric can be a challenge, both when painting and when keeping it clean and protected. That’s why Juan Pablo Bello, Art Director and founder of MYSNKRS Customs (@mysneakerscl) teaches us how to customize the laces of our shoes, apply and paint details, and protect our design so that we can wear them for longer.

Upcycling Tutorial: Clothes Printing

Another option to transform your clothes is to embrace color and unleash your creativity with stencil and spray paint,. Fashion designer Krizia Robustella (@kriziarobustella) shows you how to create drawings that will decorate your clothes, transform them into templates, and add different colors and textures through simple exercises that will lead to extremely varied results.

Upcycling Tutorial: How to start patching your clothes

Patches are a canvas on which you can paint, draw, and embroider: they allow us to extend the life of our favourite garments in style. Gabriela Martinez, specialist in embroidery and textile art and creator of Ofelia & Antelmo (@ofeliayantelmo), show you the first step in fixing and adding personality to our torn or stained clothes with patches that you can even embroider if you so fancy.

Embroidery Tutorial: How to Care for Hand Embroidered Clothing

Kseniia Guseva, also known as @faimyxstitch, is a hand embroidery artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. According to Kseniia, “embroidery makes everything better.” She is particularly passionate about architecture–and has created over 100 city patterns; upcycling; and customizing different items, such as jeans, bags, T-shirts, and even trainers. In this tutorial, she shares a number of simple and essential tips on how to make sure your pieces last.


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