11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By

Portuguese artist Marisa Clemente shares a list of artists who inspire her every day

Polymer clay, also known as FIMO, is a highly versatile modeling material. One of its key characteristics is how malleable it is, making it easy to reshape or make alterations to your creation as you sculpt. After your polymer clay piece has been baked and cooled, it can be sanded, polished, drilled, and glazed. Your end creation will be light and highly resistant.

Marisa Clemente (@thefolkyfox) is a specialist when it comes to working with polymer clay. This Portuguese artist has clay modeling in her blood–her family on her mother’s side are passionate about ceramics. Under her brand, The Folky Fox, Marisa creates jewelry and accessories out of polymer clay that celebrate nature and the animal world and combine simple lines and realistic details.

Now Marisa shares 11 polymer clay artists that inspire her every day.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 1
Polymer clay pendant by Marisa Clemente.

Dayna Corbitt

Dayna Corbitt, who produces and markets her creations under the name WhimsyCalling, has been working with polymer clay since 2013. She is a full-time artist and, through her work, she wants to "create fragments of fantasy that excite our imaginations and make our inner child smile and sparkle."

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 3
A piece created by Dayna Corbitt.

Bori Gheorghita

Bori is an artist from Glasgow, Scotland, taking inspiration from nature to create unique pieces. On their website, The Woods Of Wonder, you will find a wide selection of miniature animals with unique details, from the most realistic to the most stylized.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 5
A piece created by Bori Gheorghita.


Maikki is the creative mind and talented hands behind Mai Darling Designs, a small business that wants to "make the world a more colorful place." The project began in 2015 when Maikki discovered polymer clay and, slowly, it developed into the business that it is now.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 7
A piece created by Maikki.

Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan makes earrings from polymer clay. Painted entirely by hand, her pieces are often decorated with floral patterns and come in a wide range of colors.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 9
A piece created by Emma Ryan.

Katia Vendola

Katia Vendola is an Italian artist creating custom art dolls and toys using polymer clay. Katia says that her studio, Petit Kokoli, is "inhabited by small, smiling, rosy-cheeked creatures".

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 11
A piece created by Katia Vendola.

Iryna Chakahajka

Ukrainian artist Iryna Chajka crafts jewelry and accessories for plant lovers. Under her brand, Eten Iren, she sells pop sockets, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that feature impressive, highly realistic details.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 13
A piece created by Iryna Chajka.

Addie Reilly

Addie Reilly is a Canadian artist specializing in miniature animals. Olive & Branch, the name of her store and workshop, presents a dreamy and fantastical selection of colorful creatures.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 15
A piece created by Addie Reilly.

Leah Lester

American artist Leah Lester began modeling with polymer clay over 10 years ago. While she defines herself as a "monster maker," her creations are far more adorable than scary.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 17
A piece created by Leah Lester.

Katerina Piskunova

Ukrainian artist Katerina Piskunova creates fairytale-like jewelry. Extremely detailed, her designs usually incorporate animals (especially owls) and inlaid gemstones.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 19
A piece created by Katerina Piskunova.

Mijbil Teko

Mijbil Teko, an Italian artist based in Sweden, specializes in creating miniature animals, Mijbil's takes the word miniature very literally–their creations are smaller than a human fingernail!

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 21
A piece created by Mijbil Teko.

Moonlight Cat Dreams

This English studio creates tiny sculptures and jewelry in polymer clay, from abstract figures to pieces inspired by real animals. Their pieces stand out for their glossy finishes and their voluminous curves.

11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By 23
A piece created by Moonlight Cat Dreams.

Do you like Marisa Clemente’s recommendations? Sign up for her course, Creating Jewelry with Polymer Clay, and learn modeling techniques for working with polymer clay and tips for painting your creations with acrylics.

English version by @eloise_edgington.

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