DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Spotted Wool Pom-Pom

Learn this simple technique for making a wool pom-pom with spot pattern in the centre, with Christie Leech

You might think pom-poms are only good for the ends of wooly hats. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, they can be used as an exciting and vibrant medium in textile art.

Christie Leech (@sewyeah) is an author, maker, and stylist who specialises in the creation of art with pom-poms. In this tutorial, she shares a simple method for creating a pom-pom with a spot pattern in the centre from scratch.


You will need two yarns of wool in two separate colors, one for the body of the pom-pom and one for the pattern. Then, you will need a pom-pom maker, which is basically a donut-shaped ring for you to wrap your wool round. You can easily make your own with cardboard.


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