What’s a Mockup and What’s its Design Purpose?

Discover how to polish your designs using this important resource, with Francisco Andriani and Clara Fernández, founders of Asís studio

Your sketchbook (or computer screen) idea for a logo or product goes a long way before becoming your final piece. Mockups allow the client to understand how your designs will look in real life, as this photo montage places your designs in context.

Designers Francisco Andriani and Clara Fernández of Argentinean studio Asís, teach you three practical mockup purposes and demonstrate examples of their mockup work.

Learn more in the video:

3 practical Mockup applications

1. Guide the designer

As Fernández notes, a black and white paper or digital drawing cannot be the only test to which you submit your designs. Mockups are an outstanding way to confirm whether the details, sizes and various applications of a logo, set of colors or product formats work.

2. Allow the client to visualize the design in ‘real life’

Explaining an idea to a client hundreds of times is not the same as allowing them to see it in 3D.

Which is why Andriani underlines that it’s essential to create outstanding mockups. They will downgrade the image of the entire project if they‘re not top notch.

3. Add value to your portfolio

Providing a vision of all the potential real world applications of your design helps enrich your portfolio. Even if you are yet to complete a professional project, it’s important to create fictitious mockups that translate your creativity and sell your ideas.

If you liked these tips, remember you can learn how to create professional Photoshop and Illustrator mockups to showcase your design projects in Fernández and Andriani’s online tutorial: Creating Graphic Design Mockups.

English version by @studiogaunt.

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