Domestika Diary: Fernanda Guimarães

Fernanda Guimarães, Creative Director of Can Can, shares her routine and the creative process she uses to design hair accessories

Fernanda Guimarães (@contatocancan) founded CAN CAN Acessórios 11 years ago, producing carnival collections that have traveled Brazil and made the brand a sparkling success. She now specializes in designing headpieces and creates collections of unique works that touch on the realms of fantasy, bridal wear, festivals and nature.

This Domestika Diaries follows Fernanda’s routine in Trancoso, Bahia (Brazil) and reveals her creative process and her connection with nature. Check it out:

Fernanda needs to be close to nature, because it inspires and protects her. She aims to celebrate the best in people when designing her accessories, which highlight the wearer’s positivity and radiance.

Her most recent collection: Deusa Tríplice (Three Times a Goddess) re-connects with the Earth through the energy of crystals. Her work gives energy to anyone that wears it... and provides a beautiful touch.

Fernanda loves working with seashells, snail shells and stones. They are often present in her creations, which are all designed to crown, protect, glorify and remind us of the sacred symbolism of adornments on special occasions.

Domestika Diary: Fernanda Guimarães 4

Each collection starts with a design process and is ultimately hand made. Fernanda loves the pre-launch photo shoots. “I am always delighted that I can record and photograph every one of my collections. This is the moment when my creation comes to life,“ she affirms.

If you would like to learn the foundations of hair accessory design and how to create a collection, don’t miss Fernanda Guimarães’ online tutorial, which will soon be launched on Domestika.

English version by @studiogaunt

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