Watercolor Tutorial: How To Create A Color Palette

Learn to create a color palette for your next nature-inspired illustration project with Antonia Reyes

Nature is bursting with color. A blue bird is not only blue, its feathers will mix blues and violets and spots of grey. This is why it’s important to think carefully about your color palette when drawing a subject from nature.

In this tutorial, illustrator Antonia Reyes (@antoniapajarito) explains how to create your own color palette for a nature-inspired illustration project. Discover more in the video below:

6 tips for creating your own color palette

1. Learn to look at nature’s colors

While an art shop can only offer a limited selection of colors, nature presents an infinite spectrum. Therefore, it’s important to spend time examining the different tones, undertones, and hues that you can see in your reference image. In this tutorial, Antonia Reyes has chosen to illustrate a blue heron, whose feathers are a mix of different blue, violet and grey tones. Zoom in and examine all of the colors in detail.


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