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What is Amigurumi?

This crochet and knitting technique makes any day-to-day object irresistibly adorable

The name of this technique may be hard to pronounce, but that won’t stop you falling in love with it. You can use it to create soft and adorable versions of real-life objects. Of course, something as cute and kawaii as amigurumi originates from Japan. So, what exactly is amigurumi and how can we begin creating our own magical pieces? We spoke to Leire Villar, better known as Ameskeria (@ameskeria), an amigurumi and knitting expert, to find out what we need to know before starting out.

What is amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a word that comes from Japanese and that refers to the technique used to create three-dimensional objects using crochet.

What is Amigurumi? 1

What materials and tools do I need to start creating characters?

A pencil and paper to create your sketch. Crochet hook, thread, knitting needle, marker, and fiber filling.

What can I make using this technique?

Dolls, mainly, but also any type of soft toy.

Who is amigurumi for?

Anyone. Crochet is easy, all you need is enthusiasm and practice.

What is Amigurumi? 3

How did you start doing amigurumi?

Amigurumi is one of the reasons I began knitting. I have always been drawn to creating characters. Being able to bring these characters to life through crochet fascinated me.

I started out following patterns from Japanese books and once I understood the rules that govern this technique, I started creating my own.

For me, this path awakened a dormant side of my creativity.

What is Amigurumi? 5

What is the most difficult piece you have tackled?

I think the most difficult pieces are the ones that are made to order.

I remember I did a children’s collection inspired by the jungle for the magazine, Labores del Hogar. I designed two big birds–a flamenco and a toucan–and they were a real challenge.

It was very difficult to get the right shapes while keeping the design simple, however, in the end, they turned out well.

What is Amigurumi? 7

Which of your creations do you feel most attached to?

In all honesty, I don’t feel this strong sense of attachment to my creations, usually my most recent creations are the ones I like best. I do save some designs because of their significance at the time.

I really like the Mancat that I created for my Domestika course, the little bear that I did when my cousin’s son was born, and the forest of little trees that I knitted for Festivalet–an independent design fair that is well-known in Barcelona.

They aren’t the most complex designs, but all of them connect me to special moments, either in my personal or professional life.

What is Amigurumi? 9
Mancat by América Lira (Yumigurumi), a student from Ameskeria’s Domestika course
What is Amigurumi? 10
What is Amigurumi? 11
What is Amigurumi? 12
What is Amigurumi? 13

Ameskería teaches the Domestika course, Amigurumi: Creation of Characters through Crochet, in which you will learn to create adorable characters and objects in three-dimensions with a crochet hook, using a pattern or taking inspiration from a drawing or illustration.

English version by @eloiseedgington.

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