2 Practice Writing Exercises to Overcome Creative Block

Discover how to overcome artist's block and keep writing your novel or short story with these tried-and-tested tips

All of us have stories inside that need to come out, and some of us express these stories through the art of writing. However, hitting a brick wall (or creative block), are hurdles that all writers must overcome—and with a little practice, it becomes easier every time.

Shaun Levin (@shaun_levin) is a published author and creative writing teacher based in Madrid, Spain. His tricks and tips come from over twenty years of experience teaching writing and running workshops, as well as from his own experience writing a range of short stories and novels, such as A Year of Two Summers and Seven Sweet Things, among many others.

In this video, Shaun will give you two great exercises for conquering creative block. Watch below to get some inspiration!


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