Nature Photography Tutorial: Key Tips for Beginners

Learn the basic do’s and don’ts and improve your nature and landscape photography, with Álvaro Valiente

When you're working with a subject as potentially spectacular as landscape, you might think all you have to do is take the shot to make magic happen. But photographer and videographer Álvaro Valiente reveals that nature photography isn’t quite that simple.

In this tutorial, he gives you a few basic tips for successful outdoor photography to make sure you go home with more than just memories in the can.

Learn more in the video!

4 Key Tips for Nature Photographers

1. Use the best times of day

Dawn and dusk are a nature photographer’s best friends. The ‘hard’ midday sun generates strong shadows, making it harder to capture an ideal landscape. But don’t expect nature to provide you with perfect weather conditions all the time. You’ll often have to adapt to a cloudy or rainy day - every moment has its own beauty.

Nature Photography Tutorial: Key Tips for Beginners 4

2. Be patient

Nature has its own rhythm. It would be foolish to believe that the best image is going to jump out at you after 15 minutes. Pay close attention to subtle changes in the light, find the best angle and take numerous shots to get the perfect photo. It’s equally important not to stay in the same place. Once you start getting into nature, you’ll soon learn that the best photos require long walks and plenty of effort. “Don’t stick to a single perspective, there are millions of opportunities out there,“ underlines the photographer.

Nature Photography Tutorial: Key Tips for Beginners 6
Nature Photography Tutorial: Key Tips for Beginners 7

3. Know your gear

Don’t start exploring the features of your camera in the field. Learn how to work with it in advance, and make sure you know all the resources it offers so you can deploy them once you’re outside.

Nature Photography Tutorial: Key Tips for Beginners 9

4. Experiment with a range of lenses

Don’t get hung up on a single point of view. Zooming in or out will often completely transform your photo.

Nature Photography Tutorial: Key Tips for Beginners 11

Love this tutorial? Remember you can learn how to develop your own landscape style and transport viewers through your camera in Álvaro Valiente’s online course: Landscape and Nature Photography.

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