What is Photomontage?

Discover the basics of photomontage and see how it’s used in real life, with Diogo Sampaio

Photomontage allows you to create various worlds or even universes by fusing one or several photos using 3D techniques. It makes anything possible, so just let your imagination flow!

Conceptual artist Diogo Sampaio’s work is literally surreal. He combines photos to create scenes that are out of this world! Although his images suggest the impossible, his work is hyper-realistic.

In this video, the artist shares the basics of photomontage and its wonderful applications. Don’t miss his expertise!

The imaginary and the real

Photomontage allows artists to combine photos and/or 3D resources to transform an idea into a coherent image. This doesn’t mean the final image has to represent something real, because it can be a complete fantasy.

What is Photomontage? 4
Diogo Sampaio

Applying the technique

You need a foundation in composition, lighting and form to use this technique. It allows conceptual artists to organize their work by adding 2D and 3D elements to achieve a realistic result.

What is Photomontage? 6
Diogo Sampaio

It’s easier to use a reference photo than to paint something from scratch. Artists generally select 3D resources from software packages like Blender, 3DS Max, or Cinema 4D, and combine them with digital images. Most of the digital resources used involve photos of real landscapes or 3D objects.

What is Photomontage? 8
Diogo Sampaio
What is Photomontage? 9
Diogo Sampaio
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