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Free Download: Glossary of Casting Terminology

Casting Director Luci Lenox shares commonly used terms in the TV and film casting industry

If you are getting ready to produce your first film o television project, you’ll need to feel acquainted with the common lingo to feel like a pro. By learning the correct terminology, you’ll be able to speak with producers, agents, actos and any other person involved in the process in a professional manner.

As an international casting director with over twenty years of experience, Luci Lenox (@lucilenox) has worked with some of the world’s top established and up-and-coming filmmakers. She has collaborated on the casting of over one hundred productions across Spain and throughout Europe.

Luci Lenox and her work

Today she shares with you a useful glossary of common terminology. Do you know what a cattle call is? Are you familiar with the differences between a showreel and a demo reel? Learn a handful of useful concepts with Luci’s help.

Free Download: Glossary of Casting Terminology 3
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Free Download: Glossary of Casting Terminology 4
Download preview

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Glossary of Casting

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This material will only be available until January 24th, 2021. If after that date you want to consult the material, you can do so by signing up for Luci’s course, The Art of Casting, a comprehensive guide to preparing for casting sessions and auditioning for TV and film.

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