Domestika PRO

Domestika PRO

Domestika PRO. 20% additional discount on all courses, free courses every month, certificates, and much more.

$59USD annual subscription
$19.99USD limited-time offer

Being a PRO in Domestika is—above all—a commitment to yourself. It means that you dare to improve professionally, to face new challenges, and to devour everything that stands in front of you. Being a PRO in Domestika means you belong to the best creative club online, and you can start today.

Domestika PRO · Benefits

  • Additional 20% discount on all courses

    All members of the PRO club have an additional 20% discount on all Domestika courses. What does "additional" mean? It means it can be added to other discounts.

  • Certificates of attendance

    Who said paper is no longer useful? If you are a PRO member, you can download a certificate for each courses you take at Domestika (even those you completed before you became a PRO). Many of these certificates have the teacher's signature and all of them have an online version you may share with anyone, anywhere.

  • Free open courses

    Every month you will find two or more awesome open courses. You will be able to watch all these courses lessons for free. If you want to keep a particular course forever, have access to the course's private community, resources and get a certificate, you can buy it for just $9.99USD.

  • Unlimited messaging New

    Send all the messages you want, contact creatives, share your knowledge or search for new job opportunities unlimitedly. Remember that, to contact a person, they must follow you or have their courier service open to everyone.

  • Personalized attention

    No one said learning was easy. If you encounter any issues or have questions(even existential doubts), we will be here to help you. Which course is best for you? What tools do you need? You will no longer feel lonely. At least we'll try, we know there are some difficult cases.

  • News and updates

    You will receive the exclusive PRO member's newsletter with all the upcoming courses, anecdotes and additional tools. You will be able to participate actively in choosing Domestika's next courses.

If you have any questions, send an email to

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the 20% discount applied?

    As soon as you sign up, we'll automatically apply a 20% discount to all Domestika courses you purchase on the website. If you have a discount code, you may add it and it will be applied. No need to reach for the calculator! You'll soon find out the subscription pays for itself when you buy several courses. The discount will not apply to bundles, gifted courses or any courses you purchase through the app.

  • How do I renew my subscription?

    The Domestika PRO subscription is for one year and it renews automatically. Before the end of your subscription period, we will send you a reminder of your automatic renewal.

  • What are the open courses?

    Every month you will find two or more awesome open courses. You will be able to watch all these courses lessons for free. While a course is still open, you will also be able to purchase it for a very low price to keep it forever. This will allow you to unlock the access to all of the course sections: assignments and activities, the course's private community, where you can share your progress or questions with the teacher and classmates, the course certificate, and all additional materials.

  • What are the certificates like?

    Actually, they're quite beautiful. Beyond that, we believe that they can be tremendously useful. Almost all of them are personally signed by the course teacher. You can download the PDF, but you will also get an online version (with a unique URL and all those modern things) that you may share with anyone you want.

  • Did someone gift you a Domestika PRO subscription?