Richard Thorn

Born in Torquay, England 1952, Richard’s art began with drawing. His love of the countryside and the sea drew him to sketch and paint nature in and around his close environment.
Since those early days, his paintings have been exhibited in England, Europe and America and China.
Richard is principally self-taught apart from his schooling and a spell at Art college but his early fascination with drawing would prove essential to his later work.
He has won two awards at the Royal Institute (for painters in watercolour) at the Mall Galleries in London - 2016/17 and his book - Down an English lane - was published in 2016.
The artist’s work depicts the moods and flavours of the countryside - ‘I like to paint the soul of the scene I’m working on, depicting the essence of that which is before me’.
The artist’s primary influences were the French Impressionists and the English watercolour masters; William Turner, John Cotman, William Russel-Flint. And later, the American exponents; Andrew Wyeth, Philip Jameson and Winslow Homer to name a few.

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