Samuel Rodriguez
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Samuel Rodriguez

Illustrator Mixing Faces with Type

San José, États-Unis

Samuel Rodriguez

My name is Samuel Rodriguez, and I am an illustrator. I specialize in portraiture, and work across digital and analog media, depending on the project requirement. My career has allowed me the opportunity to work across several platforms such as public art, museums, corporations, galleries, and media publications.

I love illustration, specifically portraiture, and graphic design. These are the major visual elements that I use in my work. I often try to make work that illustrates cultural hybridity.

My work can be found on walls, products, and media publications. It can also be found directly through my website where I run a small shop for those who wish to collect my work. The purpose of my work is to contribute a new perspective in today’s cultural landscape. I collaborate with my clients to create images that reflect our current generation. My clients are public art commissioners, non-profit organizations, brands, and corporations.

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