Magdalina Dianova
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Magdalina Dianova

Character designer

Sofia, Bulgarie

Magdalina Dianova

Hi! ✨ My name is Magdalina Dianova and I'm a self-taught freelance character designer. I've worked in the animation industry for the past 6 years for clients such as DreamWorks TV, Spin Master, 3d Total, and more.

I made this course to share some of my knowledge on character design and I hope you'll find it helpful! ✏️ If you want to see more in-depth tutorials from me here's my Patreon page - - where you'll find a big library of video and written tutorials I've made over the past 3 years, as well as other content. 📮🎞

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  • Dessin de personnages avec du caractère

    Découvrez une méthode dynamique de création de personnages et apprenez à raconter une histoire à travers les postures, expressions, tenues et plus encore

    Un cours proposé par Magdalina Dianova, Graphiste spécialisée en création de personnages

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