Emillie Ferris
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Emillie Ferris


Royal Leamington Spa, Royaume-Uni

Emillie Ferris

I am an embroideress inspired by nature and the seasons.
Painting with thread is my dearest passion and most loved art form. It allows you to create realistic effects by using one single strand of thread, this technique is often referred to as needlepainting, threadpainting or silk shading. You can create beautiful colour gradients, magical details and flowing stitch directions that are perfect if you want to embroider animals, people, flora and fauna. I have been stitching every day since I fell in love with embroidery in 2013.

I think it’s important during this technological era of the world to take the time to create something with your own two hands. It makes you feel connected and rooted to the world. When I'm not embroidering you can find me exploring my local english countryside, reading books about folklore or making memories with friends and family.

You can find more of my tutorials in my Etsy shop :)

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