Dan Zucco
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Dan Zucco

3D Art & Motion Director

Londres, Royaume-Uni

Dan Zucco

My Name is Dan Zucco and I am from Tasmania, Australia. I am a Freelance 3D Art & Motion Director working in London. I work with studios, agencies and clients around the world to produce 3D content for commercials, events and social media.

I owned an animation studio in London for 8 years before going freelance in 2019. During this time I have developed my style as well as a good understanding of how to work with clients effectively; developing clear creatives and efficient production workflows.

I am passionate about minimal, bold, colourful, abstract design and animation. I love creating 2D patterns and designs in Illustrator or using code and bringing them to life in 3D as looping animations.

Some of my favorite creative studios I have worked with recently are Buck, Yambo, We are Seventeen, The Mill and Greyscalegorilla.

I look forward to meeting you!

Follow me on Behance and Instagram.

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