Violetta Kurilenko
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Violetta Kurilenko

Barcelona, Spain

Violetta Kurilenko

My name is Violetta and I have been creating art on nails for 6 years. It started when I was 16 and at that moment I was creating without limits, art, jewellery, photography and of course nails. Nails were my preferred hobby at that time. Then when I turned 19 I started to pay special interest to nail art and eventually decided to jump right in and express myself doing nails. After 6 years it took me here, to be able to share the creative knowledge I have gathered during these years.

Soy Violetta y llevo 6 años creando arte en las uñas. Todo empezó cuando tenia 16 años y creaba sin parar, las uñas fueron uno de mis hobbies preferidos. Con 19 años decidí lanzarme al mundo de las uñas y me llevó hasta aquí para poder enseñar y añadir una vision nueva sobre lo que se puede hacer en un espacio tan pequeño como las uñas.


  • Introduction to Nail Art

    Learn how to turn nails into canvases by exploring design lines, gradient effects, and watercolor textures with semi-permanent polish

    A course by Violetta Kurilenko, Nail Artist and Founder of Yeswhat Nails

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