Adam G

Adam is the Co-Founder & Creative Director of TRÜF, a Los Angeles design studio specializing in visual identity and illustration. He has designed identities and visuals for Adidas, DreamWorks, University of California, Indiegogo and countless other companies that span from arts and media, tech and finance, to culture and education.

Prior to starting TRÜF in 2006, Adam was a Creative Director at advertising and marketing agencies in New York City working on behemoths like American Express, HP, Citibank, Showtime and Kraft. After 15 years of absorbing design, strategy, positioning, internal politics and way too many conference calls, he finally realized that his true passion was in creating visual identities where artfulness and strategy could coexist.

He calls his minimalist style of visual design “Messy Modernism,” born from his love of geometry, patterns, negative space, Bauhaus, Miró and a little too much caffeine.

Currently, he’s pushing his agency into new and strange directions with the addition of his illustrations and continues his unhealthy obsession with all things design. When he’s not designing and illustrating, he’s designing and illustrating. He needs to get out more.


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