Edmundo Murillo

Edmundo Murillo

Madrid, Spain

Edmundo Murillo

was born and raised in Bogotá, where I learned to be a top-notch cycling survivor. I currently live and work in Madrid.
I began my career at Wunderman as CEO assistant when I was 22. After a couple of years I started as an account executive in Y&R Bogotá, I'd never want to do it again, but I'll will admit I'm better for having done it. I developed an understanding of how an agency runs - production strategy, budget, etc.
Big, Bam, Boom! I shoot for moved to Madrid to study at Miami Ad School and work out on my copywriter skills.

At 27, I start working in McCann Madrid, working on brands such as Fanta, Navidull, Nestle, and Ikea.
At that moment, I won my first gold award as a copywriter in El Festival Copywriter in Chile.

When I get close to end my portfolio program, I started my own promotional project "Bocata Boy" (sandwich delivery only for agencies with my portfolio attached), the project was a hit for my career, where I been selected for ADC*E as one of the most innovative projects and recognized me as Young High Potentials of Europe, and I´m not a European. Here a pic

Then I worked in Y&R Madrid, where I've had luck for work for brave and amazing clients like beIN Sports, ABC news, Ausonia, Interflora, Mariskal Rock radio, among other clients.

Now I'm working for RK People, a small agency with big heart for ideas.

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