Sonia Sánchez López

Sonia Sánchez López

Product Manager, Social Media, Community Manager

Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

Sonia Sánchez López

The offline died years ago. Now, everybody lives in the new 2.0 (almost 3.0) world. I know how to handle that world, I´m living it and the brands that I represent too. Everything changes every single day and I change at the same time, improving my skills and learning all the new stuff that this new era is offering.

One of my biggest achievement being Social Media was start from zero all the social media in my company. I created a brand new identity and strong marketing tools.

Fan pages as Historia reach 2.000.000 Likes (with no ad campaings, everything free and organic way) in just 4 years. Also I handle contest at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I take advantage of this new communication channel.

Throughout my personal and professional life I knew how to adapt, learn and use the new technologies to get my goals.

Skills: Use of new technologies and communications channels like strong asset for the company. I display effective team work. Fast learning, devotion, effort, eagerness, organized, creativity and ongoing training.

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