Catharine Sander

I have always been drawn to visual art. My parents and relatives bought me children's books with beautiful illustrations. My father would take me to the children's section in a Philadelphia library. I would make a large stack of books and enjoy the stories through the artwork. I am fascinated by collage and the many ways possible to depict the same scene. My daughters both chose beautifully illustrated children's books also. I remember The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. So charming. After our children grew up, I 'processed' their childhood and my times with my grandchildren in several scrapbook journals. My precious scrapbooks are stored safely with my daughter. I have been experimenting with colored pencils and pastels to begin depicting this new place I'm staying in Eswatini. In this country, your home is your birthplace. Any other place is where you 'stay'. I am fascinated by Maru Godas' artwork--I long to depict the sights all around me in my own personal journal in a rapid and free way.