Juanma Jurado

Juanma Jurado

Ilustrador / Diseñador gráfico

Molina de Segura, Spain

Juanma Jurado

Hi there!

My name is Juanma Jurado and Denis Ryldberg a nickname, alias or just my own personal brand since 1996. I'm Spanish born and have a more than 20 years background in Fine Arts, Print /Web Illustration and Graphic Design.

I've been working for different companies in Spain and abroad and now I run freelance with my own brand "ryldberg.com" but still craving to be part of whatever projets I find on my way, just because I love it but also to make a life.

I'm always trying to find a way to be involved in something related to teaching though. It is my real vocation, I can still feel the calling, so to speak.

I recently started a project based on the idea of connecting people who is developing a creative project or running a creative business and regarding this, for Mecenas AKA Investors I have a few words: guys, you are really really welcome. I know there is like a thousand projects like this out there, but it will be much more specific. If you are curious about, just ask me.

In the mean time, I´m really open to any kind of proposals related with creativity or social network, much better if they include life styles, etc.

And regarding my personal life I love cooking, bike and longboard rides and I love to walk the city and parks and volunteering in an abandoned dog's shelter where I met my dog, a former stray cross breed kinda black-sheep-ish called "Carboncito" (Little peace of Coal) he is pretty darn cute and smart, I must say... I've been living in Spain, Sweden and Canada and I'm always excited about new adventures.

You can contact me at: ryldberg@gmail.com


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