Mihai Mija

Mihai Mija

Presentation Designer & Digital Marketing Manager

Bucarest, Romania

Mihai Mija

This is Mihai saying hello from Bucharest! I am a creative marketer that like to connect people and companies. I work on one hand in finding good narratives for brand activations in festivals, and do presentation designs on the other.

I enjoy hiking, camping, basketball, swimming, running, listening to music and art. I think nature and art are the major things influence my creativity and sport is a strong asset to keep focused on your objectives.

I'm on Domestika because I want to learn more about
> storytelling because I think it is the most important thing when it comes to brand communication.
> illustration and design because I want to get better at me projects (presentation design and branding)
> meet new people because, hey! multicultural friends are amazing!

If you care to talk more 👉 https://www.instagram.com/mijaques/

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