Max Sheika

I am a 3D artist and architect from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Originally I am from Ukraine where I studied architecture.
I started my journey in 3D with architectural visualization working for architects and designers around the globe. Developing my skills I got into 3D animation and moved to The Netherlands where I work for Dekkers International. There I have been fortunate enough to produce product animations for global brands.
Currently, I am also busy with NFTs, collaborating with leaders of the space, and selling my NFTs on marketplaces. One of my artworks was featured on NFT NYC. I also created a virtual space in collaboration with Spatial dedicated to Ukraine and all the proceeds raised were spent to support Ukrainians.
NFT art really gave me the opportunity to express myself and experiment with new techniques and ideas.


  • 3D Fantasy ArchViz: From Design to NFT

    Learn how to design and animate surreal architectural visualizations using 3ds Max and After Effects and turn your renders into tradable NFTS

    A course by Max Sheika, 3D Artist and Architect