Malgosia Krol

Malgosia Krol

Author & Illustrator

Victoria, Canada

Malgosia Krol

Although my background is in Landscape Architecture Design and Journalism, my first loves in life were reading, drawing and telling stories. Loves that are deeply steeped in my Polish heritage of storytellers, artists, folklore and lived experiences.

Since embarking on the children's lit journey in 2010 and feeling encouraged by my first two self-published books winning industry recognition and awards, my continued focus is to make writing and illustrating my life’s work.
It has been an adventure in trusting in the process and I am excited to publish the 40 kid’s books I have planned, while completing a graphic novel series for YA readers, and several cooperative card games for kids.

English is my third language and I am fluent in Polish and French, I still speak some German and I am learning to speak Spanish. I am always looking for more ways to expand both my story-telling, creativity, learning and community.


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