Lucía Segura García

Lucía Segura García


Londres, United Kingdom

Lucía Segura García

I’m Lucia Segura and I create realistic illustrations, specially portraits, combining my talent as an artist with my desire of helping others. I’m based in London (United Kingdom), where I earned my degree in Fine Arts on 2014 by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and, since then, I haven’t stop learning by my own.

In my job, I work for individual clients as for private companies, and I always give a personal treatment and imply myself 100% in the project as to find the best solution to the client’s request. I think being able to communicate is essential, so I feel great when I help other people to express through my images what they can’t by themselves.

Regarding my process, I usually work from photography. Sometimes I get images from others or I do them by myself. Later on, I work on the composition in order to bring out the illustration. I usually do digital drawings with an iPad and an Apple pencil, and then I do some retouches on Adobe Photoshop. I love working digitally as it gives me a lot of control and freedom to test different colors, positions, combinations of elements…

When I’m not working on commissions, I focus on creating personal artwork related to my feelings and psychology. I have been exhibited in hotels, co-working studios and councils public spaces. Another thing I can’t help doing in my free time is reading and learning all that I can, usually related on my profession which is, in fact, my life.