Javier Benítez Pinzón

Javier Benítez Pinzón

Director de arte, Ilustrador, Director de animación.

Berlín, Germany

Javier Benítez Pinzón

Javier Benítez Pinzón – Jeff Benefit
Illustration, Motion graphics Designer, Art Director

- 2D Animation
- Illustration
- Art Direction
- Film editing, postproduction
- Creative Direction

Customers: Zaaping- Saatchi (Madrid), Daltons Digital Studio (Madrid), DNI (Madrid) Optimal Media Production (Berlin) Hahn Films (Berlin) Deutsche Welle TV and KIKA-ZDF Channel (Berlin) Igloo Films (Madrid) Serena (Madrid), Goethe Institute etc.

I moved to Germany in 1998 and been here since. Finished my Fine Arts Studies in Berlin and repeated them for the sake of doing it all again achieving my M.A. in Experimental Video Art in 2004.


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