Ivana Šálková

I am curious about some intership/ job in Barcelona, which are connected with marketing. There are more reasons for me for start life in Barcelona (also I was living there already for a few months) and I believe that you could help me to start my life there with nice intership / job, where I could show and use my marketing / advertising / SEO skills.
Actually I am working like Account & SEO & Sales Manager in small advertising agency in capital town of Slovakia. That´s great job, but I miss something- exciting work environment, opportunity to experience international business, ... Personal skills and work in a dynamic way I can demonstrate by ability to cooperate gained through my participation in projects. Required skills like attention to details, reliable deliveries, thoroughness are my natural personal skills. Reasonable resilience to stress is now natural for me too, thanks to my work in advertising agency. Experiences from marketing and media sphere refer my creativity and creating connections with others. International experiences, also language competences and strong interpersonal skills I took thanks to study in Belgium and Netherlands like exchange student or some months of work in Spain. Openness to new possibilities demonstrates my flexibility.

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