Gabriela Niko
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Gabriela Niko

Freelance Artist

Kraków, Poland

Gabriela Niko

Hi everyone!

My name is Gaby. I am a freelance illustrator and sketchbook artist specializing in portrait art.

I studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts and I have ten years of experience as a Sport Apparel Designer, but decided to leave a large company and devote myself to my greatest passion. In November of 2018 I discovered sketchbook art and portrait drawing, and since then I've been learning it by myself every day.

I create both traditionally and digitally (plus I mix those media) but sketchbook is my favorite and most important tool for everyday studies, development and experiments with art.

Lest's discover the beautiful art of sketchbooks together!


  • Portrait Sketchbooking: Explore the Human Face

    Discover the fundamentals of portraiture by learning to draw facial features and tracking your progress in a sketchbook

    A course by Gabriela Niko, Artist

  • Vibrant Portrait Drawing with Colored Pencils

    Fill your sketchbook with colorful, semi-realistic portraits by exploring drawing techniques and experimenting with values, shades and contrast

    A course by Gabriela Niko, Illustrator and Sketchbook Artist



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