Cecilia Tham
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Cecilia Tham

Barcelona, Spain

Cecilia Tham

As Future Synthesist, Cecilia does more than just following trends and looking into the future. With more than 15 years of innovation, technology, and design experience, she is invested in developing her own future-making capabilities, and finding new ways to boost future literacy and empowerment. She loves to help companies, organizations, and others to envision, strategize, and design, but most of all, to build better futures faster.

She is the founder and Principal at Futurity Studio, where she works with organizations such as NASA, UN World Food Program (WFPx), and others to create futures together.

Cecilia is a multicultural generalist who grew up in Macao, China; studied in the US; and now lives in Barcelona, Spain. She holds a Masters in Architecture from Harvard´s Graduate School of Design, and participated in Singularity University´s Global Solutions Program where she studied futures, technology, sustainability, and moonshots. She cofounded MOB (Barcelona´s first and largest coworking space), FabCafe (digital manufacturing), and AllWomen (a professional AI training program for women, by women). These experiences, along with her experience as a Senior Social Technologist at Telefonica's moonshot unit, Alpha, are where she learned to put her future-making skill into practice.

Cecilia served on the board of advisor for City of Barcelona, current advisor at UN WFPX, and currently serving as a mentor for UNDP Women Innovators Programme.

As her then 8 year old put it, she works for the future.


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