Amanda de Beaufort
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Amanda de Beaufort

Botanical Dyer

Maplewood, United States

Amanda de Beaufort

Better known as the @dyekween, Amanda de Beaufort channels the natural beauty of plants into garments and items for the home. A lifelong crafter and maker, who works by day in New York City doing publicity for an architect, Amanda creates dyes and flexing her creative muscle to give life to a_db botanical color, a business she has built with her hands, and now runs with her husband.

Amanda’s dyes are made from things she forages in the woods, and from her ever expanding dye garden, as well as organic dye extracts: logwood and indigo. The resulting rich textures and tones cannot be found in industrial dyes and the fabrics dyed this way are free from toxins and harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment and irritate the skin. With so much time and care taken in the creative process, along with the somewhat magical chemical reactions, each piece turns out as Amanda describes, ‘perfectly imperfect’.


  • Eco printing technique with flowers and plants

    Create beautiful and unique designs with eco printing and natural dyeing. Learn how to create a botanical pattern with flowers and plants.

    A course by Amanda de Beaufort, Botanical dyer


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