Introduction to Design and 3D Modelling with Blender

A course by Luis Arizaga, 3D Character Artist

  • 92% Positive reviews (87)
  • 1618
  • 1h 50m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
CL$ 6.499
REBAJAS 77% Disc. CL$ 28.000
  • 92% Positive reviews (87)
  • 1618
  • 1h 50m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Introduction to Design and 3D Modelling with Blender. A 3D, and Animation course by Luis Arizaga

Introduction to Design and 3D Modelling with Blender

A course by Luis Arizaga

REBAJAS 77% Disc. CL$ 28.000
CL$ 6.499

Learn to use the basic tools for Sculpture, Modelling and Render in Blender

Luis Arizaga, 3D Character Artist, will teach you to understand the interface of Blender -a program specialized in modeling, lighting, rendering and animation- and to configure it.

You will learn to create and manipulate basic objects, create base structures for characters, use tools of Modeling and Sculpture, the system of nodes to create materials, lights, Render engine and the use of the camera among other things.

What's included in this course?

You will begin by getting to know the work and influences of Luis Arizaga that go through 2D, 3D, comics, the videogame industry or Toydesign.

Then you will discover what the Blender program is capable of in a small presentation about the type of program it is, to whom it is addressed and the reasons why Luis Arizaga uses it in his day to day. At the same time, you will discover how this free software is created, how it is maintained economically and how to perform its installation on your computer along with some interesting resources such as add-ons, models and open movie production materials.

Afterwards, you will learn how to configure the appearance of the Blender interface and some parameters of the 3D viewer. You will also know how to assign keyboard shortcuts for the mouse, activate plugins, move around the 3D viewer and its different perspectives and orthogonal views.

Once you are familiar with the navigation of the program, you will learn to create and manipulate objects: join, separate, clone, transfer geometry information and you will create your first character from basic modeling techniques. In addition, you will learn the basic concepts about the types of Sculpture and the use of brushes to correct already created forms.

Later, Luis will show you the keys to the retouching such as Lighting in Blender. You will create a basic light set, generate variations of color and reflection of the materials and configure the parameters to get the Render and save your final image.

What is this course project about?

You will create the Render of a robot cartoon simple toy type in a pose. Throughout the course Luis will elaborate an example already finished as a guide and will deliver the design and all the necessary files to follow the project.

Who is it for?

Animators, Illustrators, Designers and anyone who wants to start using Blender and work in 3D environments.


No previous knowledge of 3D is required to complete the course as it is an introduction to the Blender program from scratch. It is interesting to have experience using any operating system to surf the internet, install programs and manipulate files.

In addition, you must have a computer, either PC or Mac and, although not essential, have a Wacom graphics tablet to use the Sculpture mode of the program with pressure levels (the most economical category of Wacom can serve).

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REBAJAS 77% Disc. CL$ 28.000

Luis Arizaga

Luis Arizaga TeacherPro

3D Character Artist

Luis Arizaga is 3D Character Artist. His specialty is 2D Character Design, Digital Sculpture and 3D Modeling.

Use your knowledge of 2D Character Design to make 3D models or better interpret the concepts of other 2D Artists. He also has extensive knowledge in Texturing, Materials and Render that he uses to present his 3D characters as illustrations.

He has worked creating 3D characters for Advertising, toys and animated projects. In addition, he has collaborated on articles in magazines such as 3DWorld, 3DArtist or 3DCreative and in the book Exotique.

In the field of animation he directed the short film "Holymonks" selected at the international animation festival in Annecy (France) and has recently collaborated on the short film "Alike" made entirely in Blender and selected to participate in the Goya awards.

87 ratings / 92% positive ratings