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Introduction to SketchBook Pro

By Paulo Villagrán
Illustrator, designer and graphic artist. Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico.
Joined May 2016
, Illustrator, designer and graphic artist

Learn how to use the essential app for sketching and creating digital illustrations on iOS and Android

  • Domestika Basics 5 coursesBest Seller Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 99% Positive reviews (198)
  • 6111 students
Introduction to SketchBook Pro

Learn how to use the essential app for sketching and creating digital illustrations on iOS and Android

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 99% Positive reviews (198)
  • 6111 students
  • 5 courses
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  • Level: Beginner
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Domestika Basics · 5 courses included

If you are an illustrator, designer, or lover of drawing and you are thinking about how to venture into digital drawing and with what tool, SketchBook Pro by Autodesk is the ideal app to take your first step. Illustrator Paulo Villagrán is an expert recreating the experience of working with paper and brushes, facilitating the transition from analog to digital. In this 5 course Domestika Basics, you will learn how to use SketchBook Pro from scratch. Whether you use iOS or Android, this app is ideal for sketching, creating concepts, and generating digital compositions in a very intuitive way.

Start by meeting Paulo, who tells you about his professional experience and, also, what he will teach you in each of the courses in this Basics. Next, learn the basic functioning of the app: create a new file, take a tour of the interface to understand all its secrets, preferences, and shortcuts, and see how to use the layers in a professional and orderly manner.

Once you have understood the basics of this app, start drawing and creating. In the second course, discover the drawing tools that Sketchbook Pro offers to make the most of them, from pencils and fountain pens to Copic markers or artist brushes. In addition, learn to use different halftone patterns and textures.

In the third course, explore the entire toolbar and see the operation of Selection and Transformation, Guides, Lines and Geometry, Symmetry Tool, Predictive trace, and Video Sequence. Learn how to manage perspectives and refine your strokes, among many other functionalities to help you achieve a professional level of detail.

Next, learn everything you need to know about the SketchBook Pro color bar. See how you can apply shadows and highlights to your illustrations to achieve more artistic effects. At the end of this fourth course, you will know how to use this tool to offer different styles and finishes to your illustrated work.

To finish this Domestika Basics, in the fifth course Paulo gives you a series of tips to keep your files in order, how to save your illustrations, the resolutions in which you can work, and also how to export your projects to give exposure to your work.


    ⦁ You will need an iOS or Android tablet and a digital pen.
    ⦁ The Autodesk SketchBook Pro app (you can download the latest version from the Autodesk official website).
    ⦁ It is also recommended to have some drawing skills in order to take full advantage of the course and the tool.


6111 Students
198 Reviews
99% Positive ratings

Paulo Villagrán

Illustrator, designer and graphic artist

The professional career and unique style of illustrator Paulo Villagrán have positioned him as one of the most prominent names in the Mexican graphic scene.

He has worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, Telcel, Sony Music, Banamex, Crayola, Mr. Sushi or Tutsi POP, among others. In the editorial field, he has collaborated with a! Design, Editorial Televisa, Editorial Macmillan Castillo, SEP, Editorial Porrúa and CONACULTA, among many others.

He has been coordinator of the exhibition SEGUIREMOS SIENDO 2012, an illustrated tribute to Café Tacvba at the Museo Universitario del Chopo and has participated as a jury in the exhibition MOVIENDO VIDAS, creating art with Snoopy at MUMEDI. He has held solo and group exhibitions at MUNAL, within the framework of the 2013 Short Shorts International Short Film Festival and Escrib Escribano at the San Ildefonso Museum, within the Mexican Design Open. In addition, he has lectured at the IMAX Digital Dome of the Discover Museum in Aguascalientes (Mexico).


Course 1 - Getting Started with Sketchbook Pro

  • U1


    • Welcome
  • U2

    New Document

    • New document in Sketchbook Pro
  • U3

    A walk through the interface

    • A walk through the interface
  • U4

    How to use the layers

    • How to use the layers
  • U5

    The first steps

    • The first steps

Course 2 - Drawing with Sketchbook Pro

  • U1


    • Pencils
  • U2

    Fountain pen

    • Fountain pen
  • U3


    • Pastry
  • U4

    Artist Brushes

    • Artist brushes
  • U5

    Copic Down

    • Copic Down
  • U6


    • Halftone
  • U7


    • Textures
  • U8

    To explore the brushes

    • To explore the brushes

Course 3 - Toolbar

  • U1

    Selection and Transformation

    • Selection and transformation
  • U2

    Paint pot

    • Paint pot
  • U3


    • Guides
  • U4

    Symmetry tools

    • Symmetry tools
  • U5

    Lines and geometries

    • Lines and geometries
  • U6

    Predictive trace

    • Predictive trace
  • U7

    Perspective Guides

    • Outlook Guides
  • U8


    • Video-Sequence
  • U9

    Let's work with the toolbar

    • Let's work with the toolbar

Course 4 - Coloring

  • U1

    Customize the color bar

    • Customize the color bar
  • U2

    Color application

    • Color application
  • U3

    Shadows and Glitters

    • Shadows and shine
  • U4


    • Patterns
  • U5

    Add a stamp to your illustration!

    • Add a stamp to your illustration!

Course 5 - Exporting Files

  • U1

    Layers in order

    • Layers in order
  • U2

    Save files

    • Save files
  • U3


    • Resolutions
  • U4

    File output

    • File output
  • U5

    Output your files

    • Output your files

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Introduction to SketchBook Pro. A Illustration course by Paulo Villagrán Best Seller

Introduction to SketchBook Pro

By Paulo Villagrán
Illustrator, designer and graphic artist. Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico.
Joined May 2016
  • 99% Positive reviews (198)
  • 6111 students