Documentary Photography for Commercial Use

Documentary Photography for Commercial Use

A course by contra, Photographers, filmmakers and art directors

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  • 10
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Documentary Photography for Commercial Use. A Photograph, , and Video course by contra

Documentary Photography for Commercial Use

A course by contra

CYBER WEEK 56% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 19.90
This offer ends on

Manage your pictures in Bridge and retouch them professionally in Photoshop

Face a large production of images, develop photo shoots, manage technical and human teams, carry out the editing process from the download of the material, select themes, classify images to post-production and calibration of RAW files and export to send to customers in different formats; These are the tasks facing daily, Álvaro and Nano from the producer CONTRA. They work generating image banks that manage to convey the spirit of direct clients, advertising agencies and design studios that have the need to have their own photographic and audiovisual material.

In this course, CONTRA will guide you so that you can create an image bank for yourself or for a client, showing you how to organize, manage and manage large volumes of files.

About this course

You will start the course knowing CONTRA, or what is the same, Álvaro and Nano. They will explain to you what their trajectory in photography has been, how they deal with projects working as a team, and their influences.

You will see how to approach a project of management and creation of large volumes of photographs (image bank) that will later be delivered to the client - although the process is replicable for your personal projects. You will learn to deal with documentary-looking advertising photographs, thus managing to tell stories but with professional advertising quality.

You will see how to plan together with the client, identifying what is the specific need of a session to define the work day and budget it. Also, you will review the essential equipment and materials to get started.

You will discover how to download all the camera material, create folders in Bridge, copy them in them and formats to leave all the raw material on the hard drives.

You will make an introduction to Adobe Bridge, seeing its advantages, learning to classify and filter files. You will see how to effectively organize the material made to work with it. AGAIN will teach you several editing criteria and identify themes and pillars.

You will learn to handle large volumes of images and work them in low resolution. You will create keywords that will help you have an order using search tags, as well as other tips to identify your files before sending them to the customer.

You will digitally reveal your images in Camera RAW, learning the basic techniques and settings for your images. You will also see how to make specific lighting adjustments from there and then in Photoshop, touch-ups to clarify imperfections, calibrations and export settings.

What is this course's project?

The creation of an image bank for you or for a client, based on 5 fundamental pillars, in addition to the organization, management and administration of large volumes of files.

Who is it for?

To anyone who wants to delve into photography with a documentary language and an advertising brushstroke. For those who want to develop this work model and also for those amateur photographers, who want to order and plan their workflow, as well as carry out postproduction.

What you need

You only need to photograph, notions of framing and basic fundamentals of the image.

As for materials, you will need a digital camera, a tripod, a computer and hard drives for image storage. In addition, you will need access to Adobe Bridge [i]software in conjunction with Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop.

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contra TeacherPro

Photographers, filmmakers and art directors

CONTRA is a photographic and audiovisual producer founded by Álvaro y Nano. Its objective is to carry images, ideas, messages and heart of each of its clients.

They have been working for various clients since 2011 as advertising agencies, design agencies and direct clients that have the need to have their own original and photographic and audiovisual material. For this reason, they create for them image banks that allow counting and transmitting the spirit of that brand.