Creation and Modeling of Ceramic Characters

Creation and Modeling of Ceramic Characters

A course by Martin Ferreyra, Plastic artist

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  • 47
  • 2h 38m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
US$ 19.90
56% Disc. US$ 44.90
  • 100% Positive reviews (1)
  • 47
  • 2h 38m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Creation and Modeling of Ceramic Characters. A Craft course by Martin Ferreyra

Creation and Modeling of Ceramic Characters

A course by Martin Ferreyra

56% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 19.90

Give life to unique characters by learning techniques to model and paint with clay

It is in the details where it is possible that an object goes from being a simple figure to a character with life and self-expression. The plastic artist Martín Ferreyra specializes in ceramics and tries to capture his imaginary, modeling clay beings with anthropomorphic qualities.

In this course, together with Martín Ferreyra, you will learn how to take paper characters to the third dimension, using ceramics as a medium. You will know the different techniques of manual construction and ceramic modeling, as well as the final polishing and finishing techniques of your pieces.

What's included in this course?

You will start the course knowing a little more about Martín Ferreyra, a psychologist by profession, although he later trained as a self-taught plastic artist. He will tell you about his projects, his sources of inspiration and his influences.

You will know the specific details of the materials and the tools necessary to carry out your pieces, as well as the process that you will follow during the course. Then you will make the initial sketches of your character in pencil and paper, to establish the volume and proportions it will have.

To start modeling ceramic paste, you will practice doing an exercise with plates, building hollow bodies inside. Martín will also teach you to work a couple of other techniques: churros and pinching. All these exercises will help you to familiarize yourself with the material and the process of building the pieces that will make up your figure.

The modeling part of your character arrived. You will start with the head, marking its volume in proportion to the body. You will add the details and facial features, then polish and set aside, keeping moisture.

You will go to work the body of the piece, doing the same procedure. Then, you will build arms and legs, taking into account the postures for your character. Once all the pieces are dry, you will proceed to join the parts that compose it and you will assemble the figure, adding some extra elements that will complement it.

After 4 days of drying, you will sand and paint the piece. Martín will teach you to work with standard engobes and industrial pigments, of which he will show you how to prepare and apply them. You will learn the process of packing to bake and finally, it will show you two different ways to apply the enamel that will protect and shine your piece.

What is this course project?

You will create your own character in full body ceramics, exploring different techniques for its construction, painting and enamelling.

Who is it aimed at?

To the general public, only interest in crafts and affinity with the plastic arts, graphic or industrial design, sculpture or creations in the third dimension is necessary.


It does not require any previous knowledge, neither of drawing nor of 3D modeling.

As for the materials you will need ceramic paste, modeling tools, sponges, cutter, roller, blanket or fabrics used, sandpaper, water available, brushes, under covers and enamels specified within the course.

As for the baking of the pieces, we will work with low-temperature ceramic pastes, so it is necessary to look for the oven closest to your home to perform a minimum burning of 800 ° C.

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56% Disc. US$ 44.90

Martin Ferreyra

Martin Ferreyra TeacherPro

Plastic artist

Martin Ferreyra was born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. He is a training psychologist, and mainly self-taught in regards to the arts. In recent years his work is divided between paint and ceramics, creating the Totem Bowls ceramic line; and elaborating a personal world within his visual imaginary. Research concepts around identity, rite and myth, latent in the collective unconscious of our culture.

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