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Learn to use the light and landscape to create unforgettable portraits

Beyond lighting sets and studios, Nicole Arcuschin - a photographer specialized in portraits and landscapes - has managed to make photography with natural light her means of personal expression. The portrait is the main axis of his photography, but in his work the models share protagonism with nature and light, creating unique moments.

In this course you will understand photography from an emotional point of view. Nicole will show you her method of work and you will see how to take advantage of natural light at different times of the day, the main element that makes her photographs so personal.

About this course

You will begin by getting to know Nicole's work and she will tell you about her photographic style; You will also discover the work of other artists who have served as influence and will share with you some of the things that inspire you most.

Afterwards, he will tell you about the photographic portrait, its intimate meaning and the importance of natural light to capture that unique moment.

With the advice of Nicole, you will get to work to organize your shooting with nature as a stage. The first thing you will do is select your models; Afterwards, you will make decisions about make-up and styling and decide the most important thing: the place and the moment in which you will make the photo shoot.

Nicole will talk about the materials needed for the shooting and will explain how to organize in the days before and when shooting outdoors.

You will see a photo shoot by Nicole, in which she will tell you how she works according to the climate she wants to provoke in each photograph.

Once the session is finished, you will carry out the digital development with Lightroom or Camera Raw. You will select the most interesting images and make the final edition.

What is this course's project?

You will make a series of photographs taking as a source of lighting, only natural light.

Who is it for?

To anyone passionate about natural light who is looking to explore new means of personal expression.

What you need

You should know how to use a SLR camera, analog or digital, in manual mode; It is also convenient to have basic knowledge of Lightroom or Camera Raw.

With regard to the materials, you will need a reflex camera and a computer.

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Nicole Arcuschin

Nicole Arcuschin TeacherPro


Nicole Arcuschin's passion for photography was born when she was still a child. At 16 he bought his first SLR camera and at school he fell in love with analogue development and black and white photography. With this background and a portfolio that already dazzled photographers from around the world, it was only a matter of time before I started working for large clients and international publications.

The use of natural light and the prominence of the landscape are a constant in their work, and have already become their hallmark. A style with which clients of the likes of Caro Cuore, Rhapsody, CHER, Nike, San Miguel or Pepsi have wanted to count for their campaigns.