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Introduction to Colour Psychology: Chromatic Narrative

A course by Sole Otero
Illustrator, textile designer and cartoonist. Gasteiz, France.
Joined November 2017
, Illustrator, textile designer and cartoonist

Learn to understand the symbolism of colour and to create chromatic pallets that transmit emotions

  • Best seller Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 98% positive reviews (834)
  • 13819 students

Learn to understand the symbolism of colour and to create chromatic pallets that transmit emotions

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 98% positive reviews (834)
  • 13819 students
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  • Audio: Spanish
  • Level: Beginner
  • 16 lessons (1h 47m)
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Sole Otero is dedicated to telling stories with images - she is a child illustrator, textile designer and comic strip artist - something that has taught her to discover the symbolism of color and to use it not only as an aesthetic element, but as another tool to communicate.

In this course, you will learn how to get started in the world of color psychology, to know its meaning and to discover what kind of emotions awake each tonality in the viewer. Knowing the symbolism and the way in which each chromatic range acts narratively, you will learn to decide what type of palette to use for each project, controlling the meaning you can create through them and using it to convey exactly what you want to tell.

What will you learn in this online course?

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. Bases of color
  • U3
    U3. Types of palettes, sense and narration
  • U4
    U4. Application in the narration
  • FP
    FP Final project
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You will begin by getting to know the work of Sole Otero, who will also tell you about the work of his favorite authors and the projects that inspire him the most when working.

Next, you will learn what color is and in what way it can be classified. You will also discover concepts such as value, saturation and dye. You will pay special attention to the psychology of color and you will see how to combine them to awaken the emotions and guide the narration.

Visualizing the work of different authors, you will analyze the use they have made of color and you will learn to understand the justification of these chromatic choices.

Sole will teach you how to create your own palettes of color with sense: monochromatic, balanced and discordant. You will also learn to harmonize multicolored palettes and discover the narrative power of color with the effects of association, dissociation and transition.

Finally, you will carry out an exercise that will help you put into practice everything you have learned.

What is this course's project?

You will create your own color palette based on the principles of the psychology of color, which you will use as a basis for coloring a story, seeking to influence the emotions of the viewer and the narrative power of the story.

Projects by course students

Who is this online course for?

Designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and anyone interested in knowing the expressive possibilities of color, learning to use its symbolism to create color palettes that convey emotions.

Requirements and materials

No prior knowledge is necessary. You will only need a basic Photoshop domain, and the use of watercolor, acrylic or any other technique you want to use to apply color to your final project, either digital or manual.

Regarding the materials, it will depend on the technique you want to use to apply the theory of color in your final project, but Sole recommends that you have paper, acrylics, brushes, pencils and a computer with Photoshop handy.


13819 Students
834 Reviews
98% Positive ratings

Sole Otero

A course by Sole Otero

Teacher Plus
Illustrator, textile designer and cartoonist

The creative profile of Sole Otero is developed in different disciplines. She trained as a textile designer at the University of Buenos Aires, has published several books as a children's illustrator and can find webcomics and paper publications ( Poncho Fue , The one with the red boots , The fluff of the days ...) that give a good account of his career as a cartoonist.

He was part of the Latin American collective Comic Books and the international collective Chicks on Comics. He has taught workshops of embroidery, knitting and needle felt and gave classes in traditional and digital illustration and cartoon and daily strip. He is currently working as a teacher of chromatic narrative seminars and works on his upcoming graphic novels, comic books for children and book-albums.


  • U1


    • Presentation
    • Influences
  • U2

    Bases of color

    • The color
    • The no color
    • Primary colors
    • Secondary colours
    • Other colors
    • Chromatic chords
  • U3

    Types of palettes, sense and narration

    • Monochromes
    • Analog and complementary palettes
    • Triadic and tetrahedral palettes
    • Association and transition
  • U4

    Application in the narration

    • The materials
    • The bases: The characters
    • The details: The background climate.
    • Light, shade and climate
  • FP

    Final project

    • Introduction to the psychology of color: the chromatic narrative

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Introduction to Colour Psychology: Chromatic Narrative. Design & Illustration course by Sole Otero Best seller

Introduction to Colour Psychology: Chromatic Narrative

A course by Sole Otero
Illustrator, textile designer and cartoonist. Gasteiz, France.
Joined November 2017
  • 98% positive reviews (834)
  • 13819 students