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Create an Art Toy

A course by Charuca Vargas, Illustrator and Character Designer

Learn to design a Kawaii doll. From the idea to sketching the character to achieving the digital format to produce it

Hello, my name is Charuca and I am a character designer. Welcome to my course of designing a character and creating files for the subsequent creation of a toy, that is, a doll. In this course I will show you my creative process of character design. You will accompany me in the process from the beginning, since the idea comes to the head, going through the sketch phase, digitized step by step and preparing files so that we can make a toy with it. During the course I will give you advice that has helped me a lot, both to design cool characters and to look for ways to turn them into dolls and other beautiful objects.

About this course

We will learn what this world of Art Toy is, I will give you some tips to make your character better and fill our batteries with some books and web pages.
Then we will start to draw our sketches and I will show you how to scan and vectorize our design. In the computer we will prepare the turnaround and we will make a color chart.
We will also make our doll a logo and a pack to make it more complete and finally I will give you some tips so that we can take our toy to reality.

What is this course's project?

Your mission is create your own character and make a project with it to present it to companies that produce dolls or so that you can take your doll to reality. I will teach you to prepare the files as vectors, but you can work with this technique or any other that you find comfortable, such as doing the whole process by hand or using an image treatment program such as Photoshop. It is important to clarify that the course covers the entire pre-production phase, I will give you advice on how to take your character to production later, but that only depends on you, your enthusiasm and your work.

Who is it for?

Illustrators and designers People who have a toy / doll project in their heads but do not know what steps need to be taken to materialize it. Future promises of illustration and character design. People who want to learn how to make vector digital illustration.

What you need

A lot of desire to make a character and / or Toy. If you have previous knowledge of Illustrator or a program of creation of vector image (Freehand / Corel), it will be faster to learn to vectorize. If not, I will teach you the indispensable tools.

Materials you will need: Paper and pencil to sketch, a computer to prepare digital files, a mobile phone to scan and a Pantone letter to choose the color. If you do not have a Pantone card, do not worry, I'll attach one in pdf format so you can do your practice.

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Charuca Vargas

Charuca Vargas TeacherPro

Illustrator and Character Designer

I am Charuca and I currently reside in Barcelona. I have devoted the last ten years of my life to illustration, character design and application of these to objects that make life more beautiful and happy. I have made Charuca articles in small editions since 2000.
I have published two books "I love Kawaii", for editorial Monsa Editorial, a compilation of my favorite Kawaii artists, and "Molly & Charuca: Kawaii, Love and cakes" book dedicated to cake design and fondant modeling.
I have worked as a character designer with many brands, producers, publishers and advertising agencies. In 2009 I fulfilled my dream of creating the Charuca brand on a larger scale. Thanks to Edebé, my representatives of Licensing, my products have been on sale internationally.