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Unreal Engine 4 for Video Games

By Jose Goncalves
Video game developer. Bogota, Colombia.
Joined October 2019
, Video game developer

Learn how to create a video game prototype, from the mechanics to use of AI

  • Domestika Basics 5 coursesBest seller Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 98% positive reviews (185)
  • 5057 students

Learn how to create a video game prototype, from the mechanics to use of AI

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 98% positive reviews (185)
  • 5057 students
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  • 5 courses
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Domestika Basics · 5 courses included

What would you do if you had the possibility of creating a world that is full of adventure at your fingertips? Building the characters and the laws that govern the physical world of your game.

In this 5-course Domestika Basics of Unreal Engine 4 for video games, José Joel Gonçalves, also known as ultratrol, teaches you how to create the prototype of a video game, from the mechanics to the application of artificial intelligence.

In the first course, learn how to install and configure Unreal Engine 4, become familiar with its interface, and understand the importance of Blueprints in game creation.

Then, give life to your character and see how to give movement to your creation by adding all the commands and player animation controls in three phases: Blueprint, Blend Space, and Montage.

In the third course, build the laws that dominate your virtual world, working on the mechanics of your game. Learn the concepts of collisions and delegates and the importance of the event dispatcher. Joel explains how to create interactive elements such as traps, switches, and obstacles.

In the next stage, implement the graphic interfaces that will help you understand what happens in the game. Learn how to manage widgets, UI events, and how to add them to the game. See the character's health on-screen and pause the game with your own interface.

In the fifth and final course, learn how AI works in Unreal to create autonomous, non-playable characters (NPCs) capable of making their own decisions. At the end of this Domestika Basics of Unreal Engine 4, you will have learned to develop the basic mechanics to create a complete video game.

Technical requirements

    ⦁ A computer with Windows 7 or macOS 10.9.2 or higher.
    ⦁ Unreal Engine 4 version 4.24 or higher.
    ⦁ 8 GB of RAM.
    ⦁ Video card equivalent or superior to an NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD.


5057 Students
185 Reviews
98% Positive ratings

Jose Goncalves

Teacher Plus
Video game developer

Venezuelan-born José Joel Gonçalves, also known as J.J. or ultratrol in the world of video games, is a professional game developer with more than 10 years of experience. He studied Computer Engineering at the Simón Bolívar University (Caracas) and is passionate about roguelike games, RPGs, programming with C++, and the creation of digital universes with Unreal Engine.

He currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia, where he works for Teravision Games in the prototyping and creation of games for clients such as Namco, Disney, Nickelodeon, inXile, and Gun Media, among others.


Course 1: Getting Started

  • U1

    Presentation and welcome

    • Presentation and welcome
  • U2

    Epic Games Launcher download and familiarization

    • Epic Games Launcher download and familiarization
  • U3

    Creating a project

    • Creating a project
  • U4

    Knowing Unreal: Interface

    • Knowing Unreal: Interface
  • U5

    Knowing Unreal: Maps

    • Knowing Unreal: Maps
  • U6

    Knowing Unreal: Blueprints

    • Knowing Unreal: Blueprints
  • U7

    Practice: Exploring

    • Practice: Exploring

Course 2: The Character

  • U1


    • Actors
  • U2


    • Characters
  • U3


    • Movements
  • U4

    Rotation and jumps

    • Rotation and jumps
  • U5

    Animation blueprint

    • Animation Blueprint
  • U6

    Animation Blend Space

    • Animation Blend Space
  • U7

    Animation Montage

    • Animation Montage
  • U8

    Practice: New Character

    • Practice: New Character

Course 3: Game Mechanics

  • U1


    • Collisions
  • U2

    Event Dispatchers

    • Event Dispatchers
  • U3

    Creating traps

    • Creating traps - Part 1
    • Creating traps - Part 2
    • Creating traps - Part 3
  • U4

    Creating Power-ups

    • Creating Power-ups
  • U5

    Creating switches

    • Creating switches
  • U6

    Practice: Super jump

    • Practice: Super Jump - Part 1
    • Practice: Super Jump - Part 2

Course 4: Graphical User Interface

  • U1


    • Widgets
  • U2

    Events in UI

    • Events in UI
  • U3

    Widget Interaction Component

    • Widget Interaction Component
  • U4

    Practice: Texts in play

    • Practice: Texts in play - Part 1
    • Practice: Texts in play - Part 2

Course 5: Artificial Intelligence

  • U1

    Behavior trees and Blackboards

    • Behavior trees and Blackboards
  • U2

    Composite nodes

    • Composite nodes
  • U3

    Decorators and Services

    • Decorators and Services
  • U4

    AI Controller

    • AI Controller
  • U5

    AI Perception

    • AI Perception
  • U6

    Polish Attack

    • Polish Attack
  • U7

    Enemy Chase

    • Enemy Chase - Part 1
    • Enemy Chase - Part 2
  • U8

    Enemy Attack

    • Enemy Attack - Part 1
    • Enemy Attack - Part 2
  • U9

    Practice: Generating enemies

    • Practice: Generating enemies

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Unreal Engine 4 for Video Games. 3D, and Animation course by Jose Goncalves Best seller

Unreal Engine 4 for Video Games

By Jose Goncalves
Video game developer. Bogota, Colombia.
Joined October 2019
  • 98% positive reviews (185)
  • 5057 students