Express illustration for press with Photoshop

A course by Óscar Lloréns, Illustrator and designer

  • 100% Positive reviews (95)
  • 1315
  • 2h 26m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
PA$ 25
44% Disc. PA$ 45
  • 100% Positive reviews (95)
  • 1315
  • 2h 26m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Express illustration for press with Photoshop. A Illustration course by Óscar Lloréns

Express illustration for press with Photoshop

A course by Óscar Lloréns

44% Disc. PA$ 45
PA$ 25

Learn to interpret and illustrate a press article and to retouch it with Photoshop in a quick and easy manner

The cartoonist Óscar Lloréns, specialized in advertising and editorial illustration, will teach you how to make a realistic style illustration by interpreting a newspaper article through a simple and quick process.

Yes in your first course for Domestika "Express illustration with Illustrator and Photoshop" , Óscar Lloréns taught the work process that he uses when he receives an advertising commission, this time he will explain a real commission for editorial illustration step by step: the cover of the current magazine Cambio 16.

About this course

You will begin by getting to know Óscar Lloréns' most recent works related to the world of the written press and some of his graphic influences such as Instagram, an application that has allowed him to discover new illustrators.

Next, you will see the first phases of an editorial illustration commission starting with the reception of the press article, the search for reference images, the preparation of these images to start sketching and the initial sketching.

Once you have clear the composition of the illustration, with the help of Photoshop and Oscar's advice, you will learn to use useful and simple tools to inlay, color, retouch and shade the drawing.

Finally, you will make the final touches by adding noise filters, color halftones, adjustment layers and prepare the final artwork for printing.

What is this course's project?

You must successfully carry out an illustration commission for a newspaper, magazine or any type of written press. The final result can be a cover illustration or to complete a press article.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at illustrators, designers or anyone who is attracted to the illustration, whether or not they know how to draw, and consider drawing for the press as a possible professional outlet.

What you need

To carry out this course you must have basic notions of Photoshop. In addition, knowing how to draw is always an added value, but it is not essential. In fact, during the course you will learn to camouflage possible deficiencies when drawing.

From the point of view of the material you will need: a computer with internet connection and having Photoshop installed. Also, it would be convenient to use a Wacom type digitizing tablet.

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44% Disc. PA$ 45

Óscar Lloréns

Óscar Lloréns TeacherPro

Illustrator and designer

Óscar Lloréns is a cartoonist specialized in advertising illustration, editorial and press.

Within the printed sector he has worked for clients around the world such as Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Le Monde newspaper, Yorokobu, Marie Claire, Esquire, ABC newspaper, Cambio 16, etc.

In advertising he works for international agencies that have allowed him to access clients such as Coca-Cola, Lacoste, Mercedes, United Nations, Red Bull, Circo del Sol, drinks such as San Miguel, Cruzcampo, Ricard, Coronita; Movistar or Vodafone among others.

He also devotes part of his time to personal projects such as painting murals for all types of clients (many of them also for advertising) and the production of personal work for exhibitions, engraved using different techniques and serigraphs.

95 ratings / 100% positive ratings