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7 Websites to Sell Your Art Online

Learn about the pros and cons of popular art selling sites for different creative disciplines

If you are to a arts, design, illustration or craft professional, you will surely know that it is a good idea to improve your sales method. In addition to having a sales strategy on your social networks, promoting your pieces on a specialized site could be of help to you.

We compiled some popular websites that you can explore to decide if they fit your sales needs.

Fine arts websites

Saatchi Art

One of the most famous virtual art galleries and accompanied by great prestige. You will find an audience specifically interested in acquiring art. The price range of the pieces goes from 500 to more than 10,000 USD, with artists from practically all over the world.

What to consider: The site that takes a commission of more than 30% for each of your sales, but they will take care of your shipping processes.

7 Websites to Sell Your Art Online 2
Saatchi Art


This site does not allow the sale of reproductions or prints, and is dedicated exclusively to original pieces. It's relatively easy to use from a seller's point of view, and it's customer-friendly. There is everything from painting and digital art, to drawing, photography and sculpture.

What to consider: Before being admitted this site you must undergo a selection process.

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This site is recognized for a minimal commission that is charged to buyers, not the artists (meaning you will keep 100% of your art sales money). Agreements are made directly between the artist and his clients. You can get in touch with artists, galleries, collectors and art dealers.

What to consider: If you decide to pay a special fee, the experts on the site will put you in contact with collectors or buyers interested in your style, or with experts who will help you price your pieces.

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Illustration and design websites

Society 6

In this store you can upload your designs, photographs and illustrations, and your customers can choose in what type of products they want to buy them: phone cases, decor prints, cushions, quilts, mugs, furniture and other products. The site takes care of the shipments.

What to consider: It can be difficult to position yourself on these types of sites, so the best strategy is to remind your existing followers that they can buy your art on all those products. There is a base commission of 10% except for prints, in which you set the price.

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Society 6


Similarly to the previous site, your designs are printed on objects such as mugs, mobile devices cases, stickers, notebooks, T-shirts or prints to decorate walls (perhaps one of its best capabilities). Here you decide how much your sales margin will be and there is no fixed fee to join.

What to consider: You should also make an effort on your social networks to reach your audience. This site tends to have typical items for casual gifts and novelties and not so art oriented, so don't expect big profit margins.

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Craft and handmade objects websites


It is the quintessential place for craft artists, handmade objects and materials for their production. It has various resources to optimize the sales of your personal page, and it is already established as a place for lovers of unique and personalized objects. The commission is around 5% for each sale.

What to consider: You will compete with more than a million users, so your prices must be very attractive. You will have to be careful with your prices, shipping and refund policies to stand out from the rest.

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Amazon Handmade

This is the craft division of the sales giant for artisans and manufacturers of handmade products. You will have the reliability and visibility of the brand to sell your products in more than 80 countries, without fees to present your products. You will be able to create a custom URL.

What to consider: You will be asked for a 15% quota of your sales, and you will find a lot of competition with very similar objects.

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Amazon Handmade

If you are looking to establish your own online store, in this article you will find information about two popular options: Shopify and Big Cartel.

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