Download a Free Template to Embroider a Sausage Dog

Learn needle painting techniques to use in pet portraiture

Valentina Castillo (@insanitynice) is a devotee of graphic design and embroidery. She’s always been a fan of animals and they are a constant source of inspiration to her. So, when she started to embroider, she already knew she was going to incorporate them into her art.

Valentina Castillo
Valentina Castillo

If you are also an animal lover, you will be able to embroider the portrait of a sausage dog with this template. This design is a base for Valentina’s embroidery technique, called needle painting or silk shading. You will use thread and needle as if they were paint and brush, to create textile pieces with depth, shading, and tone.

Valentina Castillo
Valentina Castillo
Valentina Castillo
Valentina Castillo
Valentina Castillo
Valentina Castillo

With this DIY template, you will be able to create very personal and intimate pieces, especially if you plan to portray one of your beloved pets. Valentina recently contributed to the book 'I Love My Dog Embroidery', for which she embroidered over 40 breeds of dog. Do you know what breed you’ll be embroidering after the Sausage Dog?

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